Bike Share

With Metro Bike Share, you can rent a bike and ride to work, get some fresh air, or explore the area 24/7, 365 days a year! There are bike stations in Downtown LA, Pasadena, Port of LA, annd Venice. Metro Bike Share is an additional public transportation option for Angelenos and visitors to get around. It is fast, fun and affordable!

How It Works

Get a bike, go for a ride, give it back. So easy! You can check the station map or use the app to check bike availability in real-time. Then Walk up to any bike, touch the silver button to wake up the dock, tap your TAP card on the reader and away you go (or use your credit card to buy a single trip at a kiosk). Don't forget your helmet! When returning your bike to a station, just put it into any open dock. You will see a flashing green light and hear the dock point beep three times to confirm it's been properly locked.

Simply regiter your existing TAP card or get a brand new TAP card in the email when you buy a Metro Bike Share pass. or, walk up to any station and pay per trip without a pass.